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Axiom Neutron Wrath

Axiom Neutron Wrath

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Neutron Wrath – One of the best fairway drivers on the market, the Wrath is a blend of fairway and distance driver and it sits right in between the Tesla and the Insanity. It is a great workable driver and it has enough stability to hold up to high arm speeds. It gets a touch of turn when thrown flat and hard before a reliable hyzer finish. The best part of the disc is the feel. The Wrath is generally somewhat flat with a really comfortable feel both backhand and forehand. This has become a staple in the bags of MVP and Axiom sponsored players. Grab an Axiom Neutron Wrath today!

Here is what Axiom has to say about the mold: “The Wrath is a more turn-resistant complement to the Insanity. Just as the Insanity mimics a broken-in Inertia, the Wrath brings a worn-in flavor to the beloved Tesla flight profile. Power throwers will find the Wrath able to turn on command to stretch out and shape distance lines, while average throwers will see a bit of resistance useful for headwinds and fading lines. The low-speed fade of the Wrath is enough to range your shot and rein in a turnover line.”

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