Elevation glO-G Binx

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As Elevation Disc Golf's first Driver, the Binx is made to fly like a driver but have the ground play of a putter. This straight flying driver will hold every line you put it on, and our super flexible rubber material will give you the best chance to stay in the fairway or stick the green. The PDGA approved Binx gives you the utmost control over ground play with a predictable straight flight. So, stay in the fairway my friends.

"The glO-G Binx is my go to when I want to play it safe on a tight fairway or gap. If i hit the gap I know the disc will fly straight down the fairway and not skip out when it lands. If I don't hit the gap, that's ok too because the flexibility will reduce the chance of a bad tree kick! Also, it helps me play better to think of my cat everytime I throw it :)"

-Austin Minnocci, Elevation Co-Founder, Mold Designer